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As the bolt head is tightened, the cone is pulled up the bolt thread, causing the legs of the sleeve to expand until the cone locks the sleeve against the inner wall of the hollow section.available in two versions: the original 3-part design for general hollow section connections and the larger sized 5-part high clamping force (hcf) version, for higher strength structural connections.

Preformed hose clamp solutions for secure and economical assembly. from the auto body shops to the field work stations pumping water, band-it has a wide variety of engineered product solutions to keep costs low and production high. band-it products can be used in a variety of hose attachment applications such as air multi-purpose, suction ...

Now, you can eliminate this problem with bds hose and clamp kits. the nomex silicone hoses can withstand over 100 psi of boost, and are secured by rugged, spring-loaded, stainless steel t-bar clamps. engineered for each individual application, bd hose and clamp kits are a must for any modified turbo diesel.

Anodizing (or anodising) is an electrochemical process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. the process is referred to as "anodizing" because the parts to be treated form the anode electrode of an electrical circuit.

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