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Anodizing (or anodising) is an electrochemical process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. the process is referred to as "anodizing" because the parts to be treated form the anode electrode of an electrical circuit.

Figure 2: illustration of the tin-silver capped copper pillar plating process copper pillars are electroplated over a cu seed layer at the base, with photoresist defining the diameter of the pillar. a nickel diffusion barrier between the pillar and the solder cap limits formation of a copper-tin intermetallic layer at the interface or prevents ...

A broken drive shaft can mean serious downtime. most automotive services shops simply aren't equipped to handle the specialized operations of pressing in new universal joints, repairing damaged yokes or rebalancing a repaired shaft. instead, they rely on driveline specialists who often have a backlog for this high-demand work.

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